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You do completely to outsource all tasks, from the installation of your new CMS to userrights and maintenance of contents? 

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I hope you can find enough inspiration on thi website, to start working on your existing solutions or to go for something new you ever wanted.

...due to having been employed things have been lasting longer than intended! Yet soon a new release of the triathlon coach component for Joomla! 3.4x will be available and probably an update of this website...

Should you have made some experiences with Joomla already, I don't have to talk much about the choice of millions of private users and of many big companies as well: 

Joomla offers a very easy interface to do all kinds of things with your website and also lets you do - some of which with programming knowledge - sophisticated stuff. It has a huge community and is growing and kept up-to date almost daily. 

Thus, private users, webmasters or programming professionals find what they need - all for free, as Joomla is published under Open Source license.  

After a number of years of collecting experiences with the system and a study as Programmer (ILS) with the best grade available I created numerous solutions meanwhile, such as bicycle rental systems, pool management, travel- and contact portall. Don't hesitate to get in touch and talk about your needs or ideas with Joomla and if needed some programming skills (almost) every wish can become true!

In the download area you can find my component "com_triathloncoach" plus related plugins which will make your Joomla installation a multiple-coach Triathlon coaching tool. Shortly I am aiming to add a rental system for bicycles. Important note:

Now available: Triathloncoach Version 1.1.0 with the option to automatically send a printer-friendly pdf with each saved plan (if chosen so under the plugins' options)

A live example (caution - it's a real business!) of the bicycle rentals component can be found here: under bicycle rentals. I intend to set up a test server soon for all extensions so they can be tested.

For now I wish you lots of fun exploring this website!


Sincerely, Olaf Sabatschus