Download Bicyclerent

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Montag, 14. Oktober 2013 18:02
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Download your copy of the currently 3 parts of Bicyclerent:

There is a component .zip, one that contains the pdf and excel libraries (please note that installing the libraries can take up to serveral minutes, depending on speed of internet etc.) and the frontend reservation plugin. 

You need to install all 3 and enable the plugin.

By clicking on the PayPal Button you will be redirected to PayPal. The price for this package is € 49.90.- and after successfull payment you will be send your download link. You can use this link 10 times within 180 days.

You can go on using the component without any restricitons after this period or after 10 downloads, but you will need to purchase a new license to be able to get the latest updates after either one of these conditions becomes true.