Manual Bicyclerent - Installation

Installation & Updates

The installation process works as usual using the Joomla! extension installer from the backend:

  • log into your backend (you need the rights to install new extensions)
  • go to Extensions -> Install
  • Click on "search file" and choose the .zip package (component & content plugin at the moment have to be installed separately)
  • Click on "upload and install"
  • if you're uploading the plugin, go to Plugins (content) ->plg_bicyclerentbooking and enable the plugin, too
  • Choose, if you also want to upload the bicyclerent tools zip package: This contains the mpdf and phpexcel classes which you would need for the pdf invoice generation and excel export of booking data. This package is about 13MB so make sure your Joomla! upload limit under the Site Configuration is set high enough if you want to make use of this. It is up to you, if you do not need invoice generation nor excel export (there are various browser print options, too without the need to install this large file package) simply don't install. The respective buttons for invoicing and export will simply not show in this case.


New versions can be installed over the old ones, you won't loose your database entries, thus.


Do not delete the old version before installing a new one if you would like to maintain your data!