Manual Bicyclerent - Backend - Type

Bicycle Type

A bicycle type defines a number of important things like the price and price caculation method.

Remenber to first create the necessary sizes (new ones can later be added to this type as well) that will be shown for this type in the frontend select list for sizes of the chosen type to be able to save the new type.

The available price calculation methods are:

  • 7 days flexible plus fixed per additional day
  • 14 days flexible plus fixed per additional day
  • fixed daily price for whole reservation period

The first two options take the prices from day1 - day.. as long as they are before the chosen end of this period (7 or 14 days) and from than count the additional price per day.

The last one calculates the total price as fixed daily price times the number of bookings days. 

Holding ctrl key pressed allows you to choose multiple sizes that will be available with this type. 

A workaround for Joomla! not offering a method to translate custom components' editor fields will be added to one of the next versions of the component, so you can actually see the description in the frontend in the language the user is currently browsing your webpage.

Note: If you need station specific prices for the same bicycle types you can map them into 2 or more types with the same name into your database and make each type only available at the station(s) accordingly.
Example: You need station A to sell for 10 Euros per day, but station B for 8 for the bicycle type "aluminum race bike shimano 105". Create 2 types with these different prices and assign the according bicycles to these different types, choosing the corresponding type and station(s) under the bicycles submenu.