Manual Bicyclerent - Backend - station change


Station Change

The station change(s) of a bicycle are freely definable dateranges which allow for a bicycle to be bookable at another station than the one it is generally assigned to. In both front- and backend availabiltiy check functions are programmed to also look up the bike's station changes before allowing for booking or any kind of daterange change etc. 

This function helps those rental businesses who have more than one station and want / need to rent their bikes at more than one station during defined dateranges.

Example: You have 3 stations and during the summer period you want a number of bikes from station a in station b, because you usually have more traffic over these months in station b, but thereafter they should automatically be available (and physically there in real life) from station a, again. Assing the related bicycles to Station B in station-changes for the desired date-range. They will be bookable (plus the optional related book-off days) in station b for the chosen date-range, not from a (exception: if you have circles enabled they might be assigned though for a during this time nevertheless)