Manual Bicyclerent - Backend - Operators


Operators are a special role in the component. They are  partners who can - (or not) see and change their bookings to some extend but should not be able to work on other things like bicycles, stations etc for a normal use case. 

An operator database entry has the following fields:

You can use the Operator id (freely choosable but must only contain letters, number, _ . - signs) to append to any url to an article with the bicyclerent booking plugin after a question mark for example like ?op_id=t5. If you have other url parameters, separate them each by &parameter=... 

The booking plugin will store the operator id and "assign" this booking to him, so you can easily track and filter from which partners your bookings are coming in. 

The other fields are mainly used to fill the oparator's adress data into the booking plugin when he is logged into the frontend - thus making it easier and faster for him to do multiple bookings after each other. Operators will also see a book again button to call the first page without page reload, which is not available to normal customers.