Manual Bicyclerent - Discount Vouchers

Discount Vouchers

Vouchers offer the possiblity to offer any number of flexible discounts to your customers or groups:

You can Choose a type of discount - percent of total price including the extras or fixed amount in your currency unit. Furthermore you can choose a valid from and a valid to date (if left empty the start or end date will automatically be valid, so if you only need an end date of a voucher just leave the valid from date empty), the number of available uses and you can alter the number it has been used from the backend as well in case you need so besides the discount code (numbers, letters and -_. are allowed). Each time a voucher is being used of course the used count will be increased by 1 automatically until the voucher reaches it's maximum allowance. In case Max Uses is set to 0 there is no restricition enforced in how many times the voucher can be used.