Manual Bicyclerent - More Plugins

More Plugins

There are some more plugins available, currently:

  • Stationmap Plugin to show a Google Map of all your stations, you will need to have noted latitude and longitude from the backend for your stations to actually show - please refrain from using the plugin when you have not entered (see how easy it is by just dragging and dropping the marker in the backend station view) the lat and lon values. Use it like so: {bicyclerent:stationmap} or so: {bicyclerent:stationmap 1,2,3} in your Joomla! articles to either get all stations or only the ones specified by comma-separated database id's into the map. Zoom level will automatically set by Google optimally. If you want a different size than the default size specified with the plugin use {bicyclerent:stationmap 1,2|300,250} where 300 would be width in px and 250 the height in px.
    The markers have the station name as tooltip. 
  • Operator Bookings Plugin to show an operator's list of bookings when he is currently logged in the frontend. You can use this for example to help them navigate easier through lists of group bookings when placed underneath the booking form in the frontend. They also have - when logged in - their adress data already filled into the booking form to make their reservation processes much more efficient. Use it like so: {bicyclerent:operatorbookings} in your Joomla! articles. At the moment it's with a very basic design, updates to follow to make it prettier!
  • Bicycle Description Plugin shows the editor field content for one bicycle of your flleet in a Joomla! article. Use like so: {bicyclerent:bicycle=3} where the 3 needs to be replaced with the respective database id from the component bikes' table. 

  • Station Description Plugin to get a station into your articles: {bicyclerent:station=3}, 3 of course again is the database id of the chosen station.

  • Region Description Plugin to get a region into your articles. {bicyclerent:region=3}, the 3 needs to be replaced with the database id of your region.