Manual Bicyclerent - Backend booking list

The Backend - Booking List

The typical entry point for your daily tasks will be the booking list which allows for several ajaxed tasks to be performed. Above the list of reservations (and for some other views) some charts have been added in the latest version, you will also see similar charts for some different statistics for the stations list and the operators list. Future versions might get some more of these.

 You can look up all details of a booking by clicking the details button on the left of the list (5):

You can change booked extras (and look up which extra has been booked by comparing the number in the list with the number of the listing of extras opening) by clicking on the pencil icon in the extras column. Save the changes (multiple extras are allowed) by clicking on the disk icon.

If you need to assing a different bicycle for a reservation number, you can look up the available bicycles by clicking on the pencil in the bicycle column (8), then click on lookup bicycles in the popup and then click on your choice to replace the previously booked bicycle. In case you have chosen a (different) station in the select list (1) you will get the list of bicycles available in that station. This comes in handy if a customer has chosen the wrong station for example and you need to quickly change without deleting the reservation and doing a new one from the frontend. The dates in (7) can be altered and will be considered when looking up available bicycles and of course applied also if there are no conflicting bookings on the chosen bicycle.

You can change the start- and enddate only, too (type the desired range into the according text box(es) (7) and click on the left on the button that says "apply dates") of the respective reservation. You can change the price, paid, customer name as well as note by altering them in the textbox/-area and clicking on the disk symbol underneath.  

Any of the changes will always be securely tested automatically for availability and correct station during the requested booking period.

If you choose to use the pdf invoice generation feature, you will have to download and install the mpdf zip package as well. From then, you can create unlimited invoice templates and after choosing one in select list (2) on the upper right of the filter field area click on the create invoice button to the left of each booking data.You will then be asked to type an invoice number in a pop-up window as well as a VAT tax percentage separated by a pipe | symbol. After that, your invoice will be created. You can replace almost all booking data in your templates so you have a very flexible system to create your invoices. More about the possible tags for booking data under pdf invoices futher down.