Manual Bicyclerent - Backend - Region


A region dataset consist of a name and description, the other fields are automatically assigned. 

You have the option (if chosen so under options, more about this later) to replace a plugin-like syntax with Google's Static Maps in each of the component's editor fields (multiple maps possible per item). The use of this is to make your life a little easier and not have to think about url-encoding etc. to place the actual necessary link.

The currently available arguments to override the default settings in the options are all included in the following tag example, you can change the order but remember to leave the space before adress (only 1 space) and to separate the arguments by the pipe symbol "|" :

{bicyclerent:map adress=.. |size_x=.. |size_y=.. | zoom=.. |type=..|float=..|margin=..}

In case you omit some or all of the arguments the settings in your options of the component will be taken.

The replacement with google static map will also be done in case you include the station info into your reservation emails