Manual Bicyclerent - Backend - Station


Before you can save a new station, you will have to create at least one region to assign it to. Use the drag and drop marker feature to get long and lat values for your station. This will be used for distance lookups if a bicycle has to be received from the closest (next) station in the circle (if this is enabled under options and the bicycle is not available at the requested station).


As you can see above, you can use the longitude and latitude of the map's adress OR the adress.

The coordinates are the best choice to make use of the feature to look up the closest bicycle to be rented, if you have circles enabled and a bicycle with the desired specifications can't be found at the station the customer needs it. Simply drag & drop the marker to find the adress & coordinates of your station if you have provided the component with your Google Maps API Key.

Name, description and region are pretty self-explanatory, but let's describe the other available fields as well:

The price factor is used to adapt prices to each station if needed: In general prices are being calculated from a bike type's settings. A station though can make a change in percent of that price, which is noted in this field: 110% makes it 10% more expensive if someone books the type in this station as noted at the type level for example (the type is the next chapter of this manual).

Parse opening hours into select list entries? This is to enable you to to decide wether you only want a certain range of select list options in your frontend booking form or a textual representation with all times from 00:00hrs to 23:30hrs in the actual select list independent of the free text you put into the "opening hours" textfields of each respective weekday.