Manual Bicyclerent - Backend - Distances (for circles)


If you want to let your stations work together in circles, so bicycles can be rented from "related" stations in case the requested station does not have the exact model requested available, you need to set up at least for those stations in circles all distances between them, in both directions.

A set is 2 stations always, you can look up the distance between them with Google Directions Service to make your life easier.

After setting up all distances (both directions! to make it work properly) you will have your distances list view looking something like this:


Now, in case you have enabled the circles under the component's options, everytime a bicycle is not available with the exact requested specifications, the plugin will first collect all stations that are in the same circle as the requested one, then start to look up available bicycles with the wanted features from the closest station in the circles to the further ones. Thus the closest available bicycle will be rented.