Manual Triathloncoach - The Initial Setup

The Initial Setup

Please install the .zip containing the component and the .zip files with the plugins (no need to unzip first) and enable the latter via the Joomla Installer:

The component ships with english and german .ini files for front end backend by default. You can easily make a copy and store your own translation files under the administrator and site's language folders to obtain the languages you like. Make sure, you have those languages installed and enabled for Joomla as well to make your translations appear.

The plugins serve for some automatic processes like sending emails, deleting files when a related database entry (uploads) is deleted and the likes. There is none vital for the component to work but they enhance the workflow quite a bit so I recommend to use them all. For the next version I am thinking about a statistics plugin comparing planned versus diary entries. 

Currently there are 4 plugins availalbe: 

  1. triathloncoachemail => serves to send a trainingplan when saved in the backend (changed or new)
  2. triathloncoachdeleteupload => will delete the actual file when a database entry is being deleted in the backend in the uploads section which is more convenient than doing this manually. If you want to preserve the files anyway, there is an explanation later in this manual.
  3. triathloncoachappemail => serves to send an email to his coach when a user changes or adds an appointment in the frontend
  4. triathloncoachmiscemail => serves to send an email to his coach when a user changes his miscellaneous info in the frontend
  5. triathloncoachstatistics => compares planned versus actually done training from plan and dary as a content plugin

 To have the component work as expected, you will need to initially set the correct options under the options toolbar button (top right):

  • A usergroup for your athletes has to be chosen, which is mainly to provide the tickets for this group of users
  • This usergroup needs the following core access rights to be set so they can see, edit etc. their plans, appointments...

The Workout Template Visibility setting decides about if all coaches can use and see all other coaches' workout templates or only their own created.