Manual Triathloncoach - The trainingplans (Frontend)

The Trainingplans (Frontend)

For each frontend view you will need to add a menu Item, so your athletes can access the respective views.

In general it is advisable to allow only show logged-in users access to the component's views, as else there is no way to  know for it which plans, appointments etc. to show. 

So, set the access rights of the related menu items to a logged-in usergroup, - nomally you would use the one that is chosen in the component's options.

The list views will be in most cases what you would like to offer your users - they have links to create and manage the respective items anyway, so you do not have to show a single trainingplan via menu item for example. 

There are many components in the Joomla Extensions directory, that would help you do paid memberships and manage the group a paid or non-paid user will be assigned to automatically. This is a great and easy way to monetize your coaching service on your Joomla! website.

The traiiningplans View shows each athelte's plans. A click on detail view opens the weekly or trainingplan view.

From there, one can print the plan but more importantly one can save corresponding entries into a trainingdiary. The diary is only available from this view in the actual component's version. Clicking on Save changes while You are watching: TARGET PLAN is shown means that all planned workouts will be copied into the trainingdiary week. If the athlete wants to change something versus the planned week he has to first click on Load corresponding diary to see what's in his diary - saving thereafter will not overwrite the diary entries.

 The athletes can use a somewhat similar drag & drop interface that the coach has in the backend - they can click on the wastebin icon underneath each workout to delete this (from the diary only - even if this is been done in the TARGET PLAN view changes of course only save to the diary) or use the AA icon to drag & drop workouts.