Manual Triathloncoach - The Trainingplans View (Backend)


The Trainingplans View (Backend)

Let's start right away with the trainingplans, from the backend, to get you up and working with the most important informations quickly:

The Trainingplans view offers each coach the complete list of all trainingplans he has created. 

One can order or filter the plans to find a certain trainingplan quickly. 

In the toolbar you can find amongst other icons one to copy a trainingplan. This serves to quickly make a copy in case you want to for example use one as a template and then change a few things for another athlete. 

To work on an existing plan, click the according checkbox on the left of each plan in the list and then the edit button in the Toolbar. 

To create a new one, use the new button - as the component offers you help with a basic ticket system checking if you have created all plans needed for your customers for the following week, normally you would create new plans through the ticket system though which we'll talk about soon.