Manual Triathloncoach - The Trainingplan View (Backend)

The Trainingplan View (Backend)

After clicking the edit button you will see this as the top part of the training plan view:

The appointments are simply all appointments a customer (or his coach for him) has entered, so you won't forget an important race or anything your client wants you to know to tailor the workouts around. This info is updated via ajax when a different user is chosen in the Athlete field. 

In the miscellaneous area you see the customers' "normal" timebudget which should reflect a regular week and the time available for training, team workouts your customer likes to attend etc.
All miscellaneous data can be set for each customer under the miscellanous sub-menu of the component The athletes can change all parts of this data except fot the trainingzones which have to be set by the coach. 

Remember to initially store one set of miscellaneous data for each athlete from the backend, as they can't be created from the athletes in the frontend.

The Base Data of a trainingplan consists of some important fields like the athlete for whom the plan is created and the from - to dates. The component stores weekly plans only at the moment, and a plan has to start with Monday and end with Sunday 7 days later for the ticket system (later a word on this) to work correctly.
A coach is free to place any dates he likes but it only makes sense to save 1 plan for each week and athlete with the correct dates in the end.

The weekly comment finally is a free field to send and store any explanations with each plan.

Further down you find the workout area with the week totals that are automatically updated when any changes in the single workout mileage or time fields occur.
With the workout buttons you can drag and drop entire workouts within the same discipline into other days or delete the contents of one workout cell.
Each cell represents one discpline for one day - so in case you have 2 workouts on the same day with the same discipline you will have to enter them into the same cell and place the sum of the two into the mileage and time fields.

You can change from metric to english measurements in the component's options (button can be found on the top right as known from other Joomla components). 

The Plan buttons help to insert single workout templates (previously established in the workout template submenu described later) or complete trainingplan weeks.

These functions open a modal window and are self-explanatory, just choose a workout and drag & drop it into the day you want it to add on the top of the modal window (it will automatically be in the correct discipline's column and day) or click on the button on the left when you want to add a whole week.

Once you are done with a plan and want it saved and send via email to your customer (the email is only send when the plan is "published" under Base Data and you have installed and enabled the plugin "triathloncoachemail" shipping with the component) click on the save or save & close button on the top right of the screen.

With the latest version of the component and plan email plugin you can choose to send a printer-friendly PDF attachment also whenever a plan is saved from the edit view.