Manual Triathloncoach - The Miscellaneous View (Backend)

The Miscellaneous View (Backend)

After choosing a miscellaneous dataset (one per user is possible to save in the database table) and edit or clicking on new you see the following screen allowing to enter trainingzones, Timebudget and bascially any other info needed to be remembered. This set of data will be shown when creating or editing trainingplans of the respective athlete so place anything you need in here. The trainingzones will be - if so chosen under the options of the triathloncoachemail plugin - included into each email that will be send to your athlete with a new or edited (and published) plan.

One feature asked for by a friend was the calculation of some basic statistical data, they will be used solely in the upload feature - after uploading garmin tcx files it is possible to create a basic chart from them and get an "overview" over the workout in the shape of a linegraph and the values calculated. Thus, the functional threshold in watts (cycling) can be provided here, too for each athlete.